You doubt the loyalty of your partner?

You know moments like this?
Your feeling tells you something is wrong?

Don’t waste your hard earned money and precious time of your life.

Are you ready for the truth?

Place the Order

After the payment has been done, you will receive a PDF invoice plus our briefing form. Please deliver us all the asked information, so that we can start with our work immediately. 

Our work

One of our well trained agents will take on your case and start with the work. To get meaningful results, please allow us up to 14 days until we close your case.

The result

This is where our job ends. The whole communication has been recorded and we will create and send the result as a PDF file to you. 


We don’t save any unnecessary personal information. Our agents only receive your briefing. Nothing else. 

Your partner will never find out.

Our agents are well trained. Your partner will never find out that you hired us.

We don’t judge

Don’t worry. No matter what results will come up. We won’t judge. This is your personal thing. We’re just here to help. 

Satisfied with our work?

We’re glad to hear that. But we never expected something else 🙂 
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Our Pricing
Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service


How can I pay?
We accept payments via PayPal and Bitcoin.
Do you offer real-life meetings or Videocalls?
No. To protect the privacy of our agents, our service is only text based. That means we will communicate via Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp or any dating website. 
How long will it take to get the results?
It depends. In order to get meaningful results, please allow us up to 14 days.
Can I use the results for legal proceedings?
Yes, you can. But to protect the identify of our agents, we can’t help you as a witness.
How exactly does it work?
After you placed your order, you will receive a briefing form. Our matching agent will get in contact with your partner and start a conversation. If the person does not reply, we will try several other ways and methods.

Goal of this conversation is to achieve your defined target. Example: Would the person agree to meet? Or to send pictures? After a couple of days, we usually have enough evidences to build your report.

What do you want to know in the briefing?
To prepare our agent for the upcoming task, we need some information about your partner.

Don’t worry. We DON’T need addresses or phone numbers. We need her location, social media profiles, dating websites and her age plus her preferred type of partner. That’s it.


Any questions left? 

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