Affiliate programs can be one of the best options for the ones who are looking for ways to earn money from online resources. An affiliate program can allow a blogger to promote the services or products of the merchant websites and earn a specific amount of money as a commission. In an affiliate program, you will be able to earn a specific commission once any of your audience has taken the desired action.

There are a number of reasons for which companies and businesses may use the option of affiliate marketing such as drive traffic, generate sales, lead generation, etc. Joining an affiliate program is commonly free and the entire process can be done with ease and really quickly.

If you are looking for a better platform to start your career in affiliate marketing, then we are providing the best opportunity for you to earn money from our offered affiliate program. 

How can you get the opportunity of affiliate marketing which we are providing?

If you are thinking that how you can be a part of our affiliate program and how the entire process goes, then the following description can be the best for you to know about how our affiliate program actually works. 

1.    Register as an advertiser and earn 20$ for each new client. (Register here for Honeytrappers Affiliate Program)

2.    Cookies will be valid for 30 days

3.    Advertisers will have a detailed overview in their Advertiser-Dashboard

4.    Payment every two weeks via PayPal or Bank-Transfer

Register as an advertiser and earn 20$ for each new client

First and foremost, you have to sign up by providing the required information and then get registered at our platform. Do not make any mistake in the information which you are going to give us because the same information will be used for the next process later. Once you have signed up and get registered at our platform, you can start advertising our services to bring more clients to our platform. You will able to earn $20 with the arrival of each new client through your referral.

Cookies will be valid for 30 days

After getting registered at our platform, you will get a link which can be used to promote this platform and to bring more customers to the site. You can use this link for advertisement purpose and can share through different resources. The cookies will be valid for 30 days and for the next duration you can contact us.

Advertisers will have a detailed overview in their Advertiser-Dashboard

You can get the details about platform and detailed overview of our services if you have to get registered as an advertiser. We will provide details in the advertisers’ dashboard to you for better understanding.

Payment every two weeks via PayPal or Bank-Transfer

Whatever amount you are going to earn by sending new clients to our platform, we will transfer to you after every 15 days. It means that you can receive your earning after every two weeks. We have two sources for payment transfers which are PayPal and Bank Transfer, and you can avail any option according to your ease. 

Why can it be a better option for you to avail this opportunity?

Do you think why this affiliate program is better for you? Here are the reasons to understand this fact.

1.    Better chances to earn money

With us, you can get more chances to earn money. Because we have flexible rules for the advertisements and our advertisers are surely going to find it easy to advertise our services to the various platforms. This platform can be the best option to earn passive income for the bloggers or for the persons who have a better presence online.

2.    Flexibility to use different platforms to promote our services such as social media platforms or your blog posts

You are not bound to use only blog posts to promote our services. If you have a better presence on different social media platforms, you can easily use your accounts to get more customers to our platform. You are free to use social media platforms and blog posts simultaneously for advertisement purposes. You can use your referral link at these platforms and ask people to perform the desired action.

3.    Predefined banner with own ref-link will be published during the next two weeks

You can get the predefined banners which you can use for promotional purposes. These banners will be available with your link, and you can publish these predefined banners for the duration of the next two weeks with ease.

This affiliate program can help you to earn more money. You just have to be tricky to grab more customers.