Every relationship has its own ups and downs, it is not just about the butterflies he/she gives you every time you’re seeing each other, not just about a bed that’s full of roses, and it’s not like the time stop every time you are together. Relationships are tough to handle. It is not easy as what you think. But what makes it worse and extremely tough is if your partner is thousand miles away from you.


Long distance relationship isn’t easy, while other couples can see and be with each other every day, you are longing for the presence of your special one, and you have to bear the pain that you are feeling within yourself because it might ruin your relationship. Some couples didn’t know how lucky they are to celebrate special occasion together while long distance couples feel blessed and lucky if they had the chance to celebrate it together and make it a memorable one because they don’t know when are they going to be with each other again. It’s hard and not easy.



Here are some common long-distance relationship problems and how to fix it:




Jealousy isn’t healthy in a relationship but it is inevitable, right? It is an ugly emotion that might ruin your relationship but it’s hard to avoid especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. Even if you are not a jealous type of person, there is something about long distance relationship that brings out that ugly monster in you.

It is very hard to solve especially if your partner is living thousand miles away from you. Being far away from each other means that they have friends that you possibly don’t know yet, so when your partner will say to you that he/she will just hang out with some friends, you can’t help to get jealous especially if you saw a picture in social media that they are with several boys/girls that you haven’t met yet.



Being jealous is normal in a relationship, but if you are feeling extremely jealous and uncomfortable about it, you have to talk to your partner and be open about how are you feeling and work together to find a solution that makes you both comfortable. You cannot stop your partner from meeting his/her friends but try to set guidelines or boundaries that you are both comfortable, to help you both maintain the trust and avoid jealousy in your relationship.



Different time zones

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard, what makes it hard more is you two have different time zones. For your partner, the day would have just started, while for you, the day might be going to end. It is very hard to find some time to talk with each other especially if you are both too tired because you had a busy day.



At first it might be really hard for the both of you. It will take time to adjust with your new time zones but eventually you will both start managing your time efficiently and will find the best time for the both of you to have a videocall and talk with each other. Scheduling your videocalls and phone calls might be a great help to have a constant communication.



Feeling lonely

The hardest thing about long distance relationship is not seeing and be with your partner whenever you needed them the most, because of that it makes you feel very lonely. The feeling of loneliness triggered by a certain situation where you wish your partner is there to support you or just be with you. This really sucks bigtime, but you don’t have any choice but to wait for the time that you will see each other again.



Whenever you feel lonely try to call your partner and have videocall, it can help you ease the loneliness. Technology is really a great help for those people who are in a long-distance relationship. In just one click you can see your partner already, even if not in person but atleast seeing her/him can make you feel at ease. Technology nowadays has solved some of our problems in many ways, use it to concentrate more on the brighter things that bring you together and not the ones the separate you.



Pointless Arguments

Fights and arguments are normal in a relationship, what makes it hard is the distance and the fear that things might not work between the two of you. It is normal to be scared and afraid but constantly fighting about it things that don’t really matter will never help your relationship to grow and last long.



When you are encountering a problem, always remember that it’s you and your partner vs. the problem and not you vs. your partner. It is not a war between you and your partner. When there is a heated situation, we tend to forget that we are actually in a relationship because we are shouting or yelling with each other. Always remember that you are always on the same side and not the other way around. You have to solve it together and not blaming each other. You have to talk about it and find the best solution for the problem.



Lack of Trust

Trust in a long-distance relationship is very important. Love alone cannot survive without trust. It is the most difficult to build when you are in a long-distance relationship because of some uncertainties. There might some situations that your partner experienced a lot of things why he/she is afraid to trust someone again.



You need to talk with your partner, talk and be open with each other, that’s the only way you can settle this. Prove to your partner that you are trustworthy and reassure them that everything will be fine. Don’t let her/his past ruined your present relationship. It is important that you discuss your feelings to your partner and let him know how the things they do affect you.




Afraid that your partner might fall for someone else? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal to feel this way, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.  In every relationship there will always be a temptation whether you are living in the same city or long distance. Temptation become significantly harder to resists if you are far away from each other and can’t be physically together all the time.



The worst nightmare that you can imagine in long-distance relationship is to be cheated on. Try to make research about signs of cheating and if you are worried that your partner is cheating on you, try to conduct loyalty test online where you can test the loyalty of your partner and find out if he/she is loyal to you or not.



Long distance relationship can totally work, it just needs a lot of understanding, patience and hard work. Distance may make the heart grow fonder. It might get hard in the process but if you are with the right person, everything will be all worth it.