The worst part of being in a relationship is to be cheated on. Being cheated on is not a joke, it’s the worst nightmare that may ever happen to you if you are in a relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are together for a few months or married for a long time.

It can affect you physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. People who suffered a heartbreak because of partner’s betrayal, cause or may leave so much scar not only in your heart but also in your mind.


Here are some effects of cheating to a person:


  1. Damage to Self-Esteem

You will start questioning yourself, “Is there something wrong with me?” “Am I not enough?” Those questions can really damage yourself, because you are questioning your worth. Remember that you are not the one who cheated, you did not make the decision to have an affair. That was your partner’s choice, the problem is with your partner, not you. Your partner is the one who has a deficiency, not you.


  1. Trust Issues

This is very common to someone who experienced to be cheated on. It will be really hard for you to trust people again and more especially in a relationship. Even if you already have a new one, the baggage is still there, the doubt, the fear to be cheated on again is still there. Trust is very important in a relationship, without it, your relationship might not work out. Once the trust is broken, it is difficult to mend the pieces and put it back the way they were before. The damage is done and might stay there for a long run.


  1. Physical Pain

Being cheated on isn’t all about your emotions, it may affect you physically also. Your body is reacting on what your mind is thinking, because they activate the parts of our brains that react to physical discomfort. Being broken hearted is very hard, you can’t eat and you can’t sleep, which affect you physically.


  1. Emotionally Unstable

One minute you feel like crying, then you are okay again, next thing you are screaming, and then feel angry afterwards. Being cheated on may really affect you emotionally and be emotionally unstable. It is the normal reaction to cheating. Nobody will expect you to be happy after your partner cheated on you. It’s normal to have a roller coaster of emotions. But, however, if that emotions can’t be handled properly, it may lead to a serious one, seek help from a professional if you need someone to talk to about how you are feeling or if you are having difficulties in coping up.


  1. Embarrassment

Even if you are not the one who cheated, you will possibly feel embarrassed especially if anyone else found out that your partner is cheating on you for a very long time already before you find it out for yourself. You might feel like you’re a fool not to noticed it. But, don’t blame yourself and it’s not your place to feel embarrassed. They’re the one who should feel bad , and it’s not your fault that you trusted them.



What to do to overcome cheating?


Be strong, eventually you’ll feel better. Just like what they’ve said, time heal all wounds. Moving on isn’t easy, it will take time, and while doing that, try to love yourself more and don’t hurry to enter in a new relationship again especially if you’re not yet moved on and ready. Take your time. Know your worth.



How to avoid being cheated on using Honey Trapping Online?


There are so many ways to define cheating. And there are so many ways to avoid it. Be wise, if they are acting weird, try to make research about the signs that your partner might cheating and better do an online honey trapping test – just like what other people are doing to check if their partners are loyal with them. You have to be wise nowadays and make sure that you are spending your time with the right person and not wasting it with the wrong one.