Due to the popularity of dating sites nowadays, many people are taking advantage of it to find the love of their life online, especially for those people who wants to meet someone outside the country. But be mindful also that because of its anonymity, many people can lie about who they really are because there is no tight security in creating your profile. If you are not careful you might get scammed and lose your time and money.

Tips on How to Outsmart Scammers


Be mindful that not everybody who is using dating sites is looking for love, some are looking for victims for their scam. Scammers will create a fake profile with fake name and will use another people’s picture. Scammers are smart and clever, they will do everything to trick you and use your weakness to manipulate you.

Here are the tips on how you can avoid being scammed:


  1. Never leave the dating site to continue the conversation.

Never ever leave the dating site unless you are really sure who you are dealing with. Many scammers will ask you to continue your conversation outside the dating site, in Facebook or other social media account where you can’t report them if ever you may notice that he/she might a scammer. In that way they can still continue to scam other people using their dating profiles if ever they failed to scam you.


  1. Ask a picture of them showing his/her face clearly, while holding a piece of paper with your name in it and wearing a specific color of the clothes.

In order for you to know that you are dealing with a real person, and to know if the picture that they are using in dating site is who they really are, ask for a photo or much better if its videocall. Scammers will make a lot of excuses not to do it because they’re not who they say they are.


  1. Always conduct a background check.

It is important to conduct a background check, especially if that someone is from an online dating site. Always keep in mind that no matter how genuine a person may be, always verify all the things that they are saying to you. Ask personal questions, including about where they came from. Scammers doesn’t like to talk about themselves, they are more interested to know you, because all that they want is to get all your personal information.


  1. Check the picture using Google Images.

If his/her profile picture in the dating site is too good to be true, like a super model or an actor or actress, better check his/her picture in google images. You can easily get a result to see if the photos are being used by a scammer.


  1. Don’t trust easily.

Be cautious. Scammers will try to get your trust immediately because they want to have access with your personal data, bank accounts, everything. Never ever trust someone who you just met online especially if you haven’t met each other nor conduct a background check to him/her. It is important that you keep in mind that you can’t trust somebody that fast, always protect yourself from possible harm of scammers.


  1. Stop communicating with them if they start asking for money. Block them immediately.

This is a major red flag for a person who you just met online. Never send money to a person no matter what reason they tell to you. Scammers will do their best just to trick you, they will tell you that they are in a middle of an emergency that one of his/her family members is in a critical condition where they can’t perform the operation because they don’t have enough money. Never show so much emotions for them, because if you will show to them that you feel sorry for them, they will use your emotions to ask money from you.

What to do to stop the scammer?


Scammers are everywhere and being scammed isn’t a joke, especially if it involves money. They will use your emotions to trick you and manipulate you. Be strong enough and find the truth about the person you are falling with, conduct an online loyalty test to make sure that she is true to you. And do a background check. And always be careful with the person you met online, don’t trust anyone online.