Is your long-distance partner cheating on you? Or do you have any suspicions that she might cheating on you? It’s hard, right? You’re giving all your best but you’re not sure if she’s giving her best too, or better yet if she is loyal to you.

Cheating in a long distance relationship


Well, nobody can blame you, being in a long-distance relationship isn’t easy. You can’t see or be with them even if you want to. Let’s face the truth, having a long-distance partner doesn’t gave you any benefits. You need to invest a lot of trust and loyalty to your partner without any assurance that she’s doing the same thing too. You are in a relationship but you can’t feel that you have a partner? If you are worried and you want to know the truth you might use an online loyalty test to find out if she is loyal to you and you are the only guy, she’s been talking to.


Here are the signs that she might cheating on you


  1. She’s not sweet with you anymore.

Is your partner not that sweet to you anymore? No more “I love you” or “I miss you”? She stopped complimenting you and stopped being intimate with you. Well, maybe it’s better to ask her what’s going on. Try to find out what’s her problem or if there’s something wrong with her.


  1. She doesn’t have much time to talk to you.

Is your girlfriend has been out of touch lately and you can’t reach her that much anymore? She’s making a lot of excuses every time you want to call her on phone and videocall. She keeps on declining your calls every time you’re calling her.


  1. She’s so defensive and tend to start a fight every time you are talking.

Is she so defensive every time you’re asking her about her whereabouts? Is she tend to question you about your trust with her? She’s getting angry every time you are asking her where is she going and who is she with, your conversation tend to escalate and ends with a fight. Always remember that cheater tend to be defensive because they are guilty of what they’re doing which will make you more suspicious with her.


  1. She’s inconsistent with her stories.

Does she say that she’s going somewhere with friends, but when you asked her again, she said she’s with her family? Is she being irritated and inconsistent with her details when you’re asking her where she had been, what they were doing and with whom? It might be a simple thing but simple things matter.


  1. She doesn’t want to public your relationship.

Is your relationship status not public in her social media accounts? She loves posting in her social media accounts but she’s not posting any pictures of you or telling something about you in her accounts. She’s not even mentioning that she has a boyfriend. 


What should you do if your girlfriend is cheating?


Long distance relationship is complicated, especially if you are thousand miles away from each other. If you see one or more signs above with your partner, take a deep breath and do not freak out. The best way is to talk with your partner. If she refuses and starts a fight better do an online loyalty test to her so that you’ll know the truth. Doing that can help you save your time and money.