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Register yourself as an advertiser. We are offering the best opportunities to make money. You can sign up with your email address and provide other essential details to get registered as an advertiser. You can advertise our services and will be able to earn $20 with the arrival of any new client through your link with ease. 

2.    Cookies will be valid for the next 30 days

Once you have done with the registration processes, you will get your affiliate link which you can use for advertisement purpose. Tracking cookies can be valid for the next thirty days only, and then you will have to refresh your advertising account to stay as a part of our affiliate program for the next duration.

3.    Advertisers will get a detailed overview in the dashboard

when you are successful in getting an advertising account, and we will provide detailed content and guideline about what you have to advertise and which sources can be used to promote our services.

4.    Receive payment every two weeks through PayPal or bank transfer

We will let you get money after every two weeks. It means that you can get your earned amount after every 15 days. And the money will be transferred to you through PayPal or bank transfer (According to your ease).

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