Can you imagine yourself as a victim of an online dating scam? The scammer will meet you at any social media or a dating site that provides an online dating service. The scammer will build a skyscraper of trust or confidence. He or she will show romantic and lovely intentions towards you and later he will turn into a nightmare for you. We call it online dating scam and this is one of the biggest online dating facts.


Identifying the Scammers


The scammers are the people who take benefits and favors from the victims. Most of the scammers trap the people from developing countries like; Philippines and Thailand. They emotionally urge you to give them money, gifts, personal details and other advantages. Here we all need to understand the ways these scammers use to trap or trick us. 

Beautiful, Catchy Profiles


Amusing, alluring and beautifully designed profiles, in-fact fake profiles will make you involved with that amazing personality immediately. Remember one thing, no one is “all in one” package and no one is completely flawless.


Sentimental Attacks


Online dating scammers show great love, tenderness and intimacy in a very short time. They will take you from a web-based relationship to a whole new level like: instant messaging, email, phone or even to the video calls.

Online dating facts are real horror stories. The scammers sprinkle their love on you amazingly. They get your trust completely. They share personal information, their sad life story, and they send you costly gifts to get everything of you.

Online dating service places are the one like paradise to these scammers. Why is that so? When you are completely into them, your security is been broken or you have told them everything about you, now they can ask you for anything. They can ask for money, gifts and even your credit card details.

The real nightmare starts from here…


Criminals Warning


You can be the part of a big crime by just trusting an online dating scammer. Online dating scam can lead you to the smuggling if the scammer asks you to resend an electronic item somewhere that was sent by him to you. You could find yourself as a fool to cover up their criminal affairs.

People lose millions and billions of money every year because of these online dating scams.  Your money is not going to be back in any way, at any cost. Beware of these online dating facts that are not only harmful for you financially but physically and emotionally too. Before you plan next online dating, consider some measures given below that would keep you at safe from any scam.

  • Do not trust everyone or anyone at online dating service site regarding money.
  • A person approaching you with a full of love kind heart is not always what he looks like. Leave your emotions behind and come to the decision with a strong personality and mind.
  • Use their profile image to determine their reality. Google image search service is the best source for this purpose.
  • Get the chance to see them online at video call and try to judge their educational level by their spellings and grammar usage power.
  • Do not share your photos and videos in any compromising condition. The scammer can use them later to blackmail you.
  • Do not let them make you a part of money laundering. Do not agree to send their sent money to anyone else.
  • Do not make plans to meet that so-called online lover without knowing anyone from the family.
  • Never send money because the person who really loves you will never ask you for money before meeting you personally.
  • Do not provide any other financial information like credit cards details or personal documents.
  • Avoid sharing all of your information on social media as scammers and online dating scam work on the same basis. 
  • If you are scammed, then share everything you know about scammer to everyone on that specific website or social media. If your bank account is compromised then contact them and inform them about the scammer. Spread the awareness, stay safe and protected always.