Online-Dating-Scam came up in the middle of the 90s. Internet became popular and people began to find friendship and love all over the world.


What is online-dating-scam?


We already published an article about this topic here. Online-dating-scam is a method for criminals to get money from their victims. Imagine you’re lonely, maybe in your late 30s and want nothing more than to find the love of your life. After a lot of disappointments you are surely deserve this – but you should always be careful.

On almost each online-dating-websites are scammer. People who use fake profiles to catch your attention and in the end – your heart. Maybe you can’t believe your luck. This beautiful girl is really in love with you? And you feel so sorry for her. A hurricane damaged the house of the family. Who on earth are you if you wouldn’t help her? And the game with your heart begins right here.

Don’t trust too fast. Ask specific questions to proof this person, use Google to check her pictures for other profiles and never send money before you met her in person.


Why do people do online-dating-scam?


This is a good question and can maybe help to understand the phenomenon of this kind of new method of fraud.


Yes, you’re right. No matter if we’re talking about the “famous” Nigeria Connection or the poor Filipina in the slum of Manila. It’s poverty. People uses the opportunities of the modern world to get in touch with other person all over the world. And especially in “3rd world countries” in Asia and Africa it’s a common method to make sure the family survives.


Some Filipinas are known to be materialistic. They want new shoes, new bag, new clothes and so on and so forth, they want many things even if they can’t afford it. So, in order to sustain their materialistic life, they will find a foreigner to support their wants and send them money whenever and wherever they want. And that’s how they are surviving when it comes to their material needs.

Family Pressure

Filipinos are known to be family-centered. They will do everything for their family even if it means scamming someone online to support the family needs. Some parents know what their daughter is doing and they even supporting them to do that. Some parents also pressure their own daughter to find a foreigner because they believe foreigners can give them (their families) a good life. They even pressuring their own daughter to ask money from her foreigner boyfriend just to support their wants and needs.


Being a single mother is really hard. Raising your own kids alone is not a joke, not to mention the salary rate in the Philippines is really low to support your kids. So, as a result, there are a lot of single moms who are trying to use their beauty and hotness to scam online for the needs of their kids. They will do whatever it takes even scamming you.


Online-Dating-Scam –  Lover or Scammer?


They say Filipinas make the “best wives” but aside from being the best, some of them are scammers. It is really sad and very unfortunate for some Filipinas whose love is genuine with their foreign boyfriend because some Westerners are doubting the love of their Filipina girlfriends because of the things they are hearing about Filipina scammers.

Scammers will do everything just to get money from you. They will even cry on cam just to convince you that she is really in a hard situation. Finding love online is really hard. You really have to be careful if you are planning to find a girlfriend online because there are many scammers out there. It’s better to conduct a background check and loyalty test to prove that they are not scamming you.