Honeytrappers – Truth-Package




With this package we will deliver you the truth you deserve. Our online loyalty test.
After placing your order and paying for our service, we’re waiting for your briefing. (You can find the instruction and needed information in the PDF-Invoice)

Is everything’s set, we will start with our work immediately. Based on your provided information, one of our matching and well trained agents will contact the person you want to test. Don’t worry. The person will never find out.

You want to check if your girlfriend is willing to flirt or meet other people? No problem.
The best thing? the whole conversation will be recorded, so that you can see we’re serious. And your partner as well. Hopefully.

If our agent has clear evidences, we will prepare the report for you. Sounds easy, right? It is.
After you received the report, there will be no more contact to the person you want to test.

What are you waiting for? Ready for the truth? Let’s face it together.