We all know that online dating sites are very popular nowadays. Especially for those people who wants to find their true love across the world. But did you know that it is also a place for scammers to go fishing and catch a bigtime target?

Creating a fake account is very easy. In just a snap of your fingers, VOILA! You already have a fake identity. They may use fake names and fake profile pictures, usually an attractive photo just to get your attention. That’s why there are so many scammers – especially from Thailand, Philippines or Asian countries in the dating sites.

Here are the tips for you to identify if she is a scammer


  1. She will confess that she loves you in just a couple of hours or days after you started talking.

Do you believe in love at first sight? That’s the line of some scammers to get your attention and be more interested with her. She will tell you that she’s falling for you because you seem to be a good guy and it’s the first time, she felt something like that. Keep in mind that scammers will tell you a lot of sweet words and do everything to make you fall for them.

  1. She asks you to communicate outside the dating site.

Dating sites nowadays have the ability to monitor the profile of every members and see if there is something wrong with the person’s behavior or the person is intending to scam you. They will automatically remove the profile of the scammer in the dating site if they see malicious messages or behavior. That’s why many scammers want to get your contact and communicate outside the dating site.

  1. She refuses to have videocall.

She will make a lot of excuses if you want to see her face via videocall. Reason? It’s because she is not what you think she is. She’s using another picture in the dating site, so there’s no chance that she will do videocall with you.

  1. She asks money from you because of some tragedies in the family or problem with her rent or internet.

Who will say “NO” if it’s a matter of life and death? Scammers tend to use some tragedies to ask money from you like hospital emergency, family loss, typhoon etc. Or another trick is, she will tell you that she will not be able to continue talking to you because she wasn’t able to pay the internet bill because she doesn’t have money. And one more trick is, she will tell you that she will get kicked in her apartment if she can’t pay the rent. Of course, as a “knight in shining armor” you will send money to her just to save her ass in those situations. Always remember that scammers will always find a way to look pity and ask money from you.

  1. She asks money from you very OFTEN.

Of course, because you saved her ass off the first time, she already knows you will save her again and again and again, and because of that you will be her next target for her romance scam. Never send money to somebody you just met online especially if you haven’t seen her even in a videocall. Keep in mind that scammers will always want more from you if they see that you’re an easy target and a soft-hearted man who can’t say no to them.


How to test if your online-date might be a scammer?

As an advice, to avoid romance scam. Never send money to anybody you just met online. And you better do background check to your girlfriend and do some online loyalty test to make sure that she is telling the truth about herself and you are the only guy that she is talking with. In that way you can save your precious time and you’ll never waste your money for a scammer.